Depoimento da Universidade do Texas


Comments from students in Dona Dione’s class (PORT 1441) at the University of Texas at Arlington, Spring 2013:

D. Dione was such an enthusiastic and vivid professor it was contagious and it made it easier to want to learn. – Gabbi Hernandez

She is a patient and thorough teacher, who teaches according to her students level of education. -Xavier Harris

UTAThis semester we had the pleasure of learning Portuguese with Dona Dione. It was a lot of fun! She is very charming and patient with us as this was our first Portuguese class. She taught us a lot about the culture of Brazil and gave us a real feel for how people are. Muito obrigada, Dona Dione! – Daniela Oviedo

My first experience with a foreign language teacher, I must say, was a blast. Dona Dione’s enthusiasm is really encouraging to me. I loved that she would get overly excited when we would answer correctly. Overall I enjoyed listening to a “carioca” accent in the classroom!  – Benjamin Hernandez

I really like Dona Dione’s teaching style.  Her use of visual aids and interaction made it very easy for an English speaker like me to keep up. Her upbeat persona also makes you want to get involved and learn more. Obrigado!! Tchau!  -Billy Levingston

Dona Dione is a wonderful teacher! She brings great energy and enthusiasm to the class, which boosted motivation to learn the language. She is very helpful and knows how to interact with students so that we are able to learn but also have fun learning. – Maria Gomez

Dona Dione is a terrific and engaging professor. She is very enthusiastic and made the class room environment more fun than it already is. – Erik Guardado

Dona Dione was amazing and full of life!  Her activities and examples helped keep things light and fun in class! – Christopher Hunts