Course Description

❝The limits of my language are the limits of my world.❞

‒Ludwig Wittgenstein


The main objective of the PortuguEASY team is to guide the foreign student to proficiency in the Portuguese language in a fast, efficient, pleasant and customized way. In order to achieve this goal, we evaulate the student’s native language, time of residence in Brazil, professional area and progress among other areas.

The methodology used is interactive and dynamic. Using the modern Communication Approach, we not only focus on practical daily situations but also on basic grammatical knowledge and relevant aspects of  Brazilian culture. We work all the time with DVD, on-line exercises, newspapers, magazines, songs and literary texts

201306Portug_034We first determine the area of ​​interest of the student and then create an individualized course plan focusing on four skills: speaking & oral comprehension and reading & writing.

From the first class all lessons are taught in Portuguese and can take place at our office in Icaraí or at the student’s place of work or home (Rio de Janeiro & Niterói).

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Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad Group Classes
With continuous feedback from volunteers saying that the hardest part of volunteering in Brazil is the language, we decided to run monthly conversational Portuguese classes with our long standing partner in Portuguese teaching, famous and well loved by all that have ever been in her presence, as her light hearted and interactive approach to teaching language make her classes a pleasure to take part in…

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